United Shield Launches Generation II of Spec Ops Delta

United Shield International is pleased to introduce the new and improved SPEC OPS DELTA GEN II helmet.

This helmet provides state of the art next generation performance in comfort and functionality while still keeping the outstanding ballistic performance and unique feature of it ’s predecessor, the Spec Ops Delta

The Spec Ops Delta GEN II, features the following advancements in technology .

Introducing the NEW Carbon fiber IC (integrated Component) universal NVG mount with GUARANTEED no rattle fit

Introducing the NEW ULTRA Comfort pad system.  The first pad system to provide comfortable high impact US mils spec pads.  These pads feature Phase Change performance technology that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  These pads are also structured with a removable crown to accommodate Comms.

Introducing the NEW and Improved USI BOA Rapid Adjustment Dial adjustment system that allows for rapid tighten and loosen with he added feature of tight and loose micro adjustment.  The USI BOA also has a removable chin cup to allow ease of replacement, launder or exchange for a gas mask strap.

All other standard features of the Spec Ops Delta remain the same.spec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-inside1spec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-frontspec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-backspec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-side

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