All of United Shield’s products have been extensively tested and field trialled. Before being offered for service they are proven by independent test houses around the world for verification of their performance. Copies of these certificates are available for review by all prospective clients.

United Shield uses common test protocols such as the US NIJ, UK HOSDB, US MIL STD, STANAG, German SK, Swedish RPS, Polish WITU e

NIJ Testing:

  • NIJ 0101.06 – Helmet Standard
  • NIJ0106.01 – Body Armor Standard
  • NIJ 0101.08 – Bullet Resistant Material Standard

HP White Testing:

  • HPW-TP-0401.01B – Bullet Resistant Helmet Standard

United Shield is able to offer custom armor systems to meet the exacting requirements of clients.

We routinely test our products at the following test houses :-

  •  HP White
  • USTL
  • Chesapeake Testing