USI Launches New Lo-Profile Helmet Cover

United Shield International is proud to partner with Agilite to release our new Lo-Pro Gen4 Helmet cover for the Spec Ops Delta Gen II and Spec Ops Delta Gen II Mid Cut Helmets.  The helmet Cover is designed to give the end user the ability to quickly, on-the-go, change the appearance of the helmet.  With quick Hook and Loop attachment ability, the user can change the color of their helmet based on a mission specific needs.

This helmet cover is designed to fit the United Shield International Spec Ops Delta and Mid Cut specifically.  This helmet cover fits around the USI IC NVG mount and ARC Rails, while offering Hook and Loop across the top and around the back of the head.  The cover offers a low profile central bungee retention for IR Strobes, cameras, etc.  There are also an integrated cable management channels.

The cover is available in Black, Tan, OD Green, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey, Coyote Tan and Multicam.  Other colors available upon request

Spec Sheet: USI Gen4 Lo-Pro Helmet Cover

United Shield Launches Generation II of Spec Ops Delta

United Shield International is pleased to introduce the new and improved SPEC OPS DELTA GEN II helmet.

This helmet provides state of the art next generation performance in comfort and functionality while still keeping the outstanding ballistic performance and unique feature of it ’s predecessor, the Spec Ops Delta

The Spec Ops Delta GEN II, features the following advancements in technology .

Introducing the NEW Carbon fiber IC (integrated Component) universal NVG mount with GUARANTEED no rattle fit

Introducing the NEW ULTRA Comfort pad system.  The first pad system to provide comfortable high impact US mils spec pads.  These pads feature Phase Change performance technology that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  These pads are also structured with a removable crown to accommodate Comms.

Introducing the NEW and Improved USI BOA Rapid Adjustment Dial adjustment system that allows for rapid tighten and loosen with he added feature of tight and loose micro adjustment.  The USI BOA also has a removable chin cup to allow ease of replacement, launder or exchange for a gas mask strap.

All other standard features of the Spec Ops Delta remain the same.spec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-inside1spec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-frontspec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-backspec-ops-delta-helmet-gen-ii-side

United Shield announces the launch of the TITANIA Lightweight Bomb Suit.

This new development focuses or reducing the physiological burden on the EOD Technician by reducing the weight of a conventional bomb suit by around 20%.


The TITANIA Lightweight Bomb Suit comprises a novel concept where the jacket is worn beneath the salopette style trousers. This unique feature is designed to enhance flexibility and mobility and to funnel blast pressure away from the body.

The level of fragmentation protection is maintained by the use of the well proven three piece blast plates used in the full specification OLYMPIA Bomb Suit. These have a V50 performance rating exceeding 1900 m/sec which is the highest protection rating for any bomb suit provider.

The TITANIA can be worn with cooling suit and is offered with a full range of communications options