United Shield Launches “Back The Blue” Plate Line

United Shield International (USI) is pleased to announce the introduction of its “BACK THE BLUE” plate program. USI recognizes the risks our Law Enforcement Officers take every day as they serve the people of our nation.  We are also cognizant of the ultimate sacrifice that these Officers may have to pay, either in injury or death in the line of duty.  In an effort to save lives and mitigate injuries, we strive everyday to make our products better; we have increased testing, research and development, and improved performance.  However, we knew that we needed to do more.  It is now time to give back to the community we serve.  Starting July 1, 2022 a percentage of all plates sold under that “Back the Blue” program will be donated to worthy Law Enforcement Charities such as COPS, NLEOMF and Tunnels to Towers.




United Shield announces the launch of the TITANIA Lightweight Bomb Suit.

This new development focuses or reducing the physiological burden on the EOD Technician by reducing the weight of a conventional bomb suit by around 20%.


The TITANIA Lightweight Bomb Suit comprises a novel concept where the jacket is worn beneath the salopette style trousers. This unique feature is designed to enhance flexibility and mobility and to funnel blast pressure away from the body.

The level of fragmentation protection is maintained by the use of the well proven three piece blast plates used in the full specification OLYMPIA Bomb Suit. These have a V50 performance rating exceeding 1900 m/sec which is the highest protection rating for any bomb suit provider.

The TITANIA can be worn with cooling suit and is offered with a full range of communications options