No. I APOLLO NIJ Level III Combination plate

The No.I Apollo insert plate is ergonomically designed using proven technology affording the wearer excellent protection against a range of high velocity threats, including the following ammunition:-
»7.62 x 51mm Nato Ball Vel. 847 m/sec
»7.62 x 39mm AK47 MSC Vel.740 m/sec
»5.56 x 45mm M855 Vel. 990 m/sec



The No. I Apollo plate is offered as a combination plate to be worn in conjunction with a Level II or Level IIIA soft armour vest.

Weights & Thickness

2.8 Kgs (6.1 lbs), 20mm (0.5inch) thick.


25 x 30cm (10 x 12 inches)


The standard plate has a black nylon wrap. Other colours and finishes are available on request.