Araura II – Concealed Undervest

United Shield International introduces the latest innovation in wearable body armor.  The Araura Level II provides industry leading “WEARABILITY”.  The uniqueness of this vest is that it provides the areal density weight and thinness of a leading polyethylene vest, with the flexibility and softness of leading aramid vests.

Never before have these two characteristics been combined at this level of performance to produce the industry’s most wearable vest.  The Araura-II comes standard with our Six Point Adjustable (SPA) carrier with “Dry Run” moisture management system to wick away moisture from the body.  The SPA carrier features a 12 point adjustment system, hidden plate pockets, full side coverage, recessed closure system and optional tails.

Available in both Male and Female.

Manufactured in the USA

Spec Sheet: Araura-II

Special Threats

5.7 x 28 SS192                        1886 fps
9mm Liberty 50gr                  2026 fps
.40 cal S&W Liberty 60gr       1560 fps
.45 ACP Liberty 78gr              1871 fps
9mm FMJ Geco 124 gr           1142 fps
9mm FMJ Fiocchi 115gr        1143 fps
.40 cal S&W SXT 165gr          1220 fps
.40 cal Federal JHP 155gr      1298 fps
.357 sig GDHP 125gr              1453 fps
.45 ACP 230gr GDHP             1156 fps
5.7×28 SS192                             1886 fps


Armor Solution

NIJ 0101.06 certified – Level II

9mm v50 – 1729 fps

.357 v50 – 1663 fps


A full range of sizes is available from XS to XXL.  Custom sizes also available

This vest weighs 0.99 lbs ft2 and is only .25″ thick


Standard colors are white, black, navy blue, beige. Other colors are available on request.

Optional Extras

This vest may be offered with a gap, butt join, or overlapping at the sides. Special fabrics may be requested.