Assault MXV – Ballistic Shield

United Shield International introduces it’s latest innovation in shield protection the “MXV” line of shields. These shields combine the best available features from our complete shield line with our new MXV Trapezoid Viewport.  The MXV shields combine our lightweight high- performance ballistic composite, our durable painted front, our rear “Load Out” system, and our industry leading Tri-Grip ERT handle system with the industries largest most ergonomic viewport available today

— The “MXV Trapezoid” This new viewport has an amazing 77 square inches of viewing area.  This unique design allows for unsurpassed situational awareness, providing the best peripheral vision available while also delivering unparalleled downward ground vision. The oversized Trapezoidal shape provides the necessary viewing capability for those officers “in the stack”, protected and no longer blinded by the shield.  You will not find another shield available that provides you this level of situational awareness, comfort and safety.

All MXV shields come standard with a viewport cover.

Spec Sheet: Assault MXV Shield

Like all of our Standard Shields, this shield is Special Threat Tested to the following threats;

9mm +P+, 127 grain Supreme Expansion Technology (SXT) projectiles.
.357SIG 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectiles.
.357 SIG 125 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point (GDHP) projectiles.
.40 cal., 95 grain Agulia projectiles.
9mm Fiocchi, 115 grain FMJ projectiles.
5.7x28mm 40-grain Hornady V-Max (Blue Tip) projectiles.
5.7x28mm 27grain SS195 Lead free Hollow Point (LFHP) projectiles
7.62×25-mm, 95grain TOKAREV FMJ projectiles.


  • MXV Trapezoid Viewport, 13.5” x 5.5” , 77 sq inches on viewing area
  • ERT Multi-Grip handle , providing 90 degree, 45 degree left and 45 degree right grip positions.  Shields also offered with Horizontal Handle.  Horizontal
  • “Load Out” Rear shield feature, customizable to accept any pouches required for the mission
  • Forearm support straps at all hold positions
  • Lightweight , high performance painted front

LED lights are also available upon request

Customizable “Assault Panel” option available upon request

Ballistic Performance

The shield is available in NIJ Level IIIA and LW IIIA

Dimensions and Weight


Level IIIA Assault   20″ x 34″                   – 13.7 lbs.
Level IIIA Assault   24″ x 36″                   – 16.5 lbs.
LW IIIA Assault      20″ x 34″                   – 11.2 lbs.
LW IIIA Assault      24″ x 36″                   –  14.9 lbs.


The standard color is Black Carbon Fiber, however other colors and finishes are available by special order.


Multiple LED Lighting systems are available, as well as all handle configurations. Various signs available (Police / Sheriff) as well as the USI level III+ upgrade.