Ballistic Blanket

The United Shield ballistic blanket has been designed to provide a portable, flexible, lightweight, compact and multi-purpose means of ballistic protection. It has a number of loops around its perimeter, enabling it to be hung from objects, such as fences, when protection is required. Magnets mean that it can also be rested against cars, vans and other metal objects. It can be folded for storage and has handles for ease of transportation and deployment. The blanket is made from a high tenacity, tough and durable waterproof outer cover of polyurethane coated nylon, which protects the soft armor within.


Armor Solution

A wide variety of ballistic solutions can be accommodated, ranging from NIJ standards IIA, II, and IIIA, as well as most European National standards.


The nylon outer cover and webbing handles are black, but other colors are available on request.


The standard blanket measures 49.2″ x 49.2″, but other sizes are available on request.