Ballistic Riot Helmet – PASGT/ PST SC 650 with Nape Pad and Face Shield

The PASGT Helmet is a general duties helmet suitable for military and police tactical use. The helmet is constructed from para aramid material and provides lightweight, robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles and other low energy threats The latest harness design offers a stable and comfortable fit with individual adjustment capability. This four point harness is anchored to the shell with ballistic resistant bolts. The harness can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.  This helmet is designed specifically for Riot scenarios, where a ballistic threat may exist.  The ballistic Riot helmet comes standard with DK5 H.150/DK5 H.150s face shield and nape pad.  These additions help defend against debris thrown in a riot control scenario, as well as liquids.

Spec Sheet: PST SC650 Helmet Data Sheet  DK5 h.150 DK5 h.150s

Head Sizes:       circ            Dia

cm                        in               in



50-56                19-22         5½ – 6½

54-59                21-23         6 ½- 7 ¼



57-64                22-25         7    –  8

61-66                24-26         7½ – 8½