Arcadia – Mine Clearance Vest

Arcadia Mine Clearance Vest is a lightweight demining vest which has been designed to provide maximum comfort and excellent frontal protection of the upper body and shoulders for deminers against blast type anti-personnel mines. It is a side opening over vest with a mesh back, giving good ventilation to the wearer in hot climates, which enables it to be put on and taken off easily, and it hangs comfortably from the shoulders wrapping around the torso.

The demining vest has an integral collar which overlaps a standard fragmentation visor preventing blast ingress under the visor, in compliance with IMAS 10.30 2009, and an includes an integral apron to protect the groin and upper legs. The size of the apron can be enlarged for deminers who normally work upright, such as dog handlers.


Armor Solution

The standard protection level of the mine clearance vest is to STANAG 2920 with a V50 rating of 450 m/s in conformity to IMAS 10.30 2009.

Sizes and Weight

A full size range is available from Small to XX Large. A large demining vest weighs 2.6 Kgs (5.7 lbs).

Colors and Fabrics

Standard colors are blue, grey, olive green, sand and black. Other colors are available on request.
United Shield’s demining vest is made from light weight aramid ballistic fabric sewn into a hard wearing Cordura or Nomex® cover.


Other designs and options are available to meet customers requirements.