Olympia Bomb Suit

The Olympia bomb suit is United Shield’s latest and most advanced design of bomb suit. It is a complete EOD/IEDD ensemble and provides the highest levels of protection from the four main threats encountered by EOD/IEDD operators of fragmentation, overpressure, impact and heat.

The outer material is constructed from certified flame retardant material, such as Nomex® Delta T, and this material can also be used to cover the bomb suit helmet, providing optimal protection for EOD/IEDD operators from the flammability associated with blasts from explosive devices.

A key feature of the Olympia bomb suit is its zonal armor system, which provides outstanding blast protection with maximum mobility, flexibility and comfort. The highest protection level is afforded to life critical areas of the body, such as the neck, chest and groin, with STANAG 2920 V50’s ranging from 1,900 m/sec to 450 m/sec. These levels of protection can be adjusted to suit individual customers needs.

Quotes Available Upon Request

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Armor Solutions

The armor solutions incorporated into the Olympia bomb suit are designed to counter specific threats, and independent test data is available on request.


The Olympia bomb suit consists of adjustable trousers with elasticated braces, integral groin and lower abdomen protection; over boots; jacket with integral collar, adjustable sleeves and quick release system; hand mitts; three part frontal blast decoupling plates; high performance lightweight helmet with visor, blower for demisting/cooling the helmet, helmet mounted search light, integral communications system, and two robust hard wearing boxes for transportation, storage and protection. A Large Olympia bomb suit weighs 33kgs (72lbs) inclusive of: frontal blast plates, jacket, trousers, groin protector, helmet, visor, overboots and hand mitts. Weight is dependent on zonal protection levels.


A full size range is available from Small to XX Large.

Colors and Fabrics

Standard colors are NATO olive green, sand, blue, grey and black. Most other colors are also available, including camouflage. Specialist fabrics can also be used if required.


Accessories include a cooling suit, CBRN compatible helmet with an open face visor, chemical protection undergarment, self contained breathing apparatus, mine protected boots, hard wire and wireless communications systems, and heavy duty high tensile contoured back protector.