Franconia – Mine Clearance Suit

Franconia mine clearance and EOD search suits are extremely versatile and comfortable, and are designed to be worn by personnel who have to look for EOD/IED devices and anti personnel mines. They come in two basic designs: Mine Clearance Jacket (MCJ) and Mine Clearance Apron (MCA), and are designed in a modular fashion to allow different elements to be worn depending on the task being undertaken.

Both jackets provide fragmentation, blast and ballistic protection to the whole body, including back, front, side, neck, under arm protection, and lower groin protection that wraps completely under the groin protecting from ground blast up into the suit.

The trousers are articulated at the knees, giving the user good mobility and flexibility. The sleeves are independent of the jacket, allowing them to be adjusted for different shoulder sizes, and also allowing for greater comfort and freedom of movement. The suits are normally used in conjunction with a PASGT ballistic helmet fitted with a fragmentation face shield.



Trousers, jacket, sleeves, ballistic collar, ballistic epaulets, and ballistic helmet with fragmentation face shield.

Armor Solution

Armor solutions incorporated into the suit are designed to counter specific threats, and can include hard armor plates for enhanced protection.

Sizes and Weight

A full size range is available from Small to XX Large. The suit weights 11.5 Kgs (25.3 lbs).

Colors and Fabrics

Standard colors are NATO olive green, sand, blue and black. Most other colors are also available, including camouflage, and a wide variety of IRR paints with different reflexive signatures. Specialist fabrics, such as Nomex®, can be used if required.


A hard wearing carrying bag is available for storage and protection of the suit and helmet. Other designs and options are available to meet customers requirements.