Silesia Advanced Search Suit

Silesia is United Shield’s latest and most advanced search suit. It is designed to be worn by EOD/IED technicians to provide the optimum balance between protection and mobility and was developed in close collaboration with leading bomb disposal teams. A key feature of the Silesia Advance Search Suit is the special four-piece construction (jacket, groin protector, trousers and over boots) which provide fragmentation and blast protection to the whole body, including back, front, side, neck, under arm, and lower pelvic region. The outer material is a certified flame retardant material, such as Nomex® Delta T.

The suits are normally used in conjunction with a ballistic helmet fitted with a fragmentation face shield. The novel design places the jacket and sleeves underneath the one-piece trousers, thus providing the fullest protection against blast and greatly improving the chances of survival and reduced injuries in the event of an explosive event.

The suit is extremely versatile and comfortable and can be worn in diverse situations including both inside and outside of buildings, checking vehicles, open terrain and work with dog units. The Silesia can be upgraded to include hard armor plates in either single or multi piece configuration. The soft armor is offered in a variety of different levels of fragmentation protection. All armor solutions are independently tested and full test data is available for perusal.



Jacket, Groin Protector, Trouser and Overboots.

Armor Solution

Armor solution incorporated into the suit are designed to counter specific threats, it can include and single hard armour plate or a multi piece configuration.

Sizes and Weight

A full size range is available from Small to XLarge. The suit weight is 18.4 KG depending on the protection level and size.

Colors and Fabrics

Standard colors are Olive, Grey, Black and Sand. Other colour are available on request subject to availability. Outer fabric is Nomex .


Carrying / Storage cases are available either in a soft version of Hard.