Military Combat Shield

The United Shield Military Combat Shield is a highly maneuverable micra shield, which is lightweight, weighing just 2.7lbs, and is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum protection in all tactical situations.  The shield has an integrated weapon mount, allowing one handed operation of riles and hand guns.

The Military Combat Shield has ambidextrous and collapsible handles for ease of use and storage, while the asymmetrical configuration of the handles ensures that the shield hangs in the vertical position while being used.

Spec Sheet: Military Combat Shield level IIIA

Like all of our Standard Shields, this shield is Special Threat Tested to the following threats;

9mm +P+, 127 grain Supreme Expansion Technology (SXT) projectiles.
.357SIG 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectiles.
.357 SIG 125 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point (GDHP) projectiles.
.40 cal., 95 grain Agulia projectiles.
9mm Fiocchi, 115 grain FMJ projectiles.
5.7x28mm 40-grain Hornady V-Max (Blue Tip) projectiles.
5.7x28mm 27grain SS195 Lead free Hollow Point (LFHP) projectiles
7.62×25-mm, 95grain TOKAREV FMJ projectiles.


Armor Solution

The standard shield provides protection to NIJ Level IIIA, but other levels of protection are available on request, including armor piercing, fragmentation/blast, and special applications.

Sizes & Weight

Military combat shields are extremely compact, measuring 14″ x 16″, providing an excellent balance between protection and ease of use in confined spaces.

Weight – 2.7lbs


The shield is available in a variety of colors, including disruptive pattern materials (DPM).