Sniper Shield – Level IIIA, III & IV

United Shield International is the exclusive manufacturer of the sniper shield.  This shield is a unique design that allows for the shield to be deployed in any terrain or conditions to offer protection to a sniper.  The legs are adjustable and can be folded away for storage when not in use.

The shield has several, multi-functional uses.  It can be used as a sniper shield, however, with its handle system it can also be used an as entry shield with a cut out for weapon deployment.  A ballistic flap is also available to cover the shooting slot if complete coverage is required.

This shield is available in NIJ IIIA, III and IV.   Custom shapes also available upon request.

Spec Sheet: Sniper Shield Data Sheet

Like all of our Standard Shields, this shield is Special Threat Tested to the following threats;

9mm +P+, 127 grain Supreme Expansion Technology (SXT) projectiles.
.357SIG 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectiles.
.357 SIG 125 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point (GDHP) projectiles.
.40 cal., 95 grain Agulia projectiles.
9mm Fiocchi, 115 grain FMJ projectiles.
5.7x28mm 40-grain Hornady V-Max (Blue Tip) projectiles.
5.7x28mm 27grain SS195 Lead free Hollow Point (LFHP) projectiles
7.62×25-mm, 95grain TOKAREV FMJ projectiles.


Ballistic Performance

The shield is available in NIJ Level IIIA and is special threat tested. This shield is also available in level III.

Dimensions and Weight

Size is 21″ x 42″
The NIJ Level IIIA shield weighs 14 lbs and in level III weighs 29lbs.


The standard color is black, however other colors and finishes are available by special order.


Carry bag and police decals are available.